One annoying thing about .Net

If you have read my “About” page, then you know that I really like C# and .Net in any aspect.

But one thing that I still can’t understand is how Microsoft is so fixated on Windows with .Net.

Sure, there do exist alternatives on Linux (Mono for example), but the point I’m making is: Why doesn’t Microsoft port the Framework themselves to Linux and Mac OS X? Sure, the percentage of Mac and Linux users is still (obviously) not big enhough for Microsoft that would make the port be financially reasonable, but in my opinion its like with Java: Java wouldn’t be that big of a deal today if it would be fixated on – let’s say – only the Mac OS.

As for myself, I really like to see how enthusiats try their best to port .Net to Linux, and Microsoft should really support that team, because they are doing the work that I think Microsoft should do (or maybe that was intended? We never know).

Also I believe that the above fact is the reason that not as much Open-Source-Software is using .Net as Java,  because Java has the advantage that it runs on any OS without recompilation (as stated above).

.Net would deserve the same.

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